Hello guys ! If you are seeking your favourite actor amir khan’s childhood pictures then your destination is end here because we have some cute images of amir khan when was just a cute child. We known this great actor from the name of  ’Mr. perfectionist. But before that he is just a child a cute looking child. You can email these picture to your friend who is big fan of amir khan to make him happy. so without wasting time i take you to the golden time of amir khan when he was a cute looking child. Let’s take a look at these pictures…..

Go down for picture…….

Amir in his first acting carrier…..

Don’t know who ? He is amir khan, nobody can identify him in this picture looking very cute with a small cap.

Amir Khan, looking very cute in this picture…….

Look who is sad here but still looking very cute, Amir khan…

Amir khan, as a little actor doing a great job……..

I hope you like my collection of amir’s childhood. Amir is very cute in his childhood period. Stay with us for more pictures of actors childhood period.

Source : Public Domain.